Violin Sonata Unaccompanied
Virtual Performance
Term of Taking Out
Composition: H280513-H280527 20160513-20160527
Minor Update: H300505 20180505
Background and Result of Creation
The theme of this music is respect to Woman and Mother. I have enjoyed deep pleasure time with God or gods for 6 years based on inspiration. As this music has completely matured, I decided to write down to a score. This piece is also performed by a professional violinist and proved audience is moved. I have an idea to arrange this piece to ensemble music like 2 violins or Violin and Viola for exercise.
Structure of Music

Violin Sonata Unaccompanied is a “Monophonic Polyphony” developed from 4 motifs.
This piece has 4 sections as follows. A motif in 3 line is mainly developed.
1. Exposition Section showing 4 motifs and development
2. Statistic Development Section, the motif in 3 line is extremely deformed

3. Dynamic Development Section, the motif in 3 line is normally developed
4. Recapitulation Section with additional development
How to develop each motif
1st motif(at 1-2line): Used totally 8 times. This motif is just only changed at last time. Therefore, Performers need to express each motif considering each situation.
2nd motif(at 3line): This piece is mostly consist of this motif, developed or deformed by making chord, adding notes, omitting notes, changing rhythm or making slow.
3rd motif(at 7line): Reused only at Exposition Section and Recapitulation Section.
4th motif(at 15line): Reused only at Exposition Section.

As opinions of some professionals, this piece was criticized incomplete as a piece with classical sonata form, but not fresh as a modern one, and seemed just a prototype. Furthermore, they frowned polyphonic expression of the score for future arrangement to two instruments and correct modulational expression as they make more difficult for performers to understand the structure of music. It is true score becomes difficult to read for performers by these two ways of expression.
Story of Music
The theme of this music is respect to Woman and Mother.
Idea of Usage
「母の祈り」 藤林 徳扇(1920-2013)作
Collaboration with Art
"Praying Mother" byTokusen Fujibayashi (1920-2013) 
at Aster Plaza in Hiroshima
Fujibayashis have been the head provider of Kimono to Emperor’s Family, Tokusen the twelfth was the world top artist, integrating the traditional craftwork, he invented the painting material adopting textiles and jewels. He is one of 43 UNESCO Green Card Artists. At the Battle of Imphal in WWU, he was arrested by British army and going to be killed. But the war ended and he went back to Japan and watched the atomic bombed Hiroshima. He believed peace of the world and prosperity of Japan after the WWUwas at the sacrifice of Hiroshima and he decided and tried to contribute for Hiroshima to the end of his life.
Real Performance
柳下 克久 平成30年6月10日 ライブ
Katsuhisa Yagishita Live on 10th June, 2018 at Takanawa Civic Center Hall in Minato-Ward, Tokyo

柳下 克久 平成30年6月19日
Katsuhisa Yagishita on 19th June, 2018 at Head of Puremusicart

柳下 克久 令和元年11月19日 ライブ
Katsuhisa Yagishita Live on 19th Nov., 2019 at Suntry Hall, Blue Rose

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